Quality Engineering Services For Mackay Plants And Mines

When hiring engineering services for mines, coal preparation plants, tunnel repairs, port facilities, processing plants etc. in and around Mackay, Queensland, it is important to find the right engineering company. Owners of mines or factories should look for services that offer not just engineering design and support, but a full spectrum of services including high quality project management that will get the work done efficiently with the least hassle on the client’s part.

Identifying the best engineering services that cater to mining and non-mining industries today should involve some research and a knowledge of the services you are looking for.
Engineering Services Offered By The Best Mackay Firms

Mackay is a good place to find engineering services for mines in the Bowen Basin area. When hiring services in engineering in Mackay, the first thing to consider is the workshop capabilities.
Quality facilities that can handle the scale of large mining machinery and other non-mining machinery will typically have expanded workshop spaces and capabilities of 1100 square metres or more, at least 750 square metres of warehouse or workshop space, training rooms, at least 415 volt power supply outlets across the facility and one or two overhead cranes that can bear loads of at least 40 tons.

It is also important to ensure that the engineering Mackay firm in question also offers project management that meets today’s industrial standards. Project management should include quality verification, specialized engineering support, the ability to upgrade capacities and de-bottlenecking of the process to easily and quickly assess how much time and capacity will be needed for each piece of equipment used.

The services offered by the company should also include supervision of the sites both for underground as well as surface projects. The contractors should prepare a scope of work (which refers to a list of all the tasks included in the company’s contract) and specifications. They should also keep the client’s budget in mind and plan in order to control costs. Measures for cost control or any necessities that could take the project over budget should be regularly reported by the contractors.

If the contractors hire any sub-contractors, all responsibilities of co-ordination with the sub-contractors should lie with the contractors. The hired engineering services should also have a sound safety management plan drawn out to maintain site safety for workers as well as the environment. Project management typically includes the entire set of processes involved including detailed design, on-site construction and commissioning.

Most contractors that offer engineering services will also offer complete machine overhauls and repair services. They are also expected to include sub-assembly and component overhauls as well as continuous miner parts and sub-assembly exchanges.

How To Find The Best Engineering Contractors

When hiring a Mackay engineering service for mining or plant machinery, it is important to look for specialization. Besides regular engineering services, contractors catering to mining should also have experience in heavy engineering techniques.
If you need expertise and design in engineering, Mackay services will help you replace or refurbish your existing mining and mineral processing plant machinery. You should look for professionally qualified engineers with an RPEQ certification. RPEQ (Registered Professional Engineer Queensland) is a recognition of engineering qualifications in Queensland. It is administered by the Professional Engineers Act 2002.

Proof of registration with the Board of Professional Engineers of Queensland is a reflection of the high standards followed by the engineer or the firm that they work in-house at. RPEQ engineers specialized in mining will have experience with surface coal mining, underground longwall mining etc. You should also look for the company’s experience in maintenance, supply and operation of mining machinery.

The best engineering contractors are ready to take on any engineering challenge that your particular problem may pose. As long as it has to do with machine repairs or overhauls, component and sub-assembly overhauls or service exchanges, you can expect tailor-made services to suit the scale of your project and other requirements.

For owners and contractors seeking engineering services for complete mining systems in the Bowen Basin coal mines or coal preparation plants, Key Solutions Group with headquarters in Mackay offers the expertise and experience. The engineering company also offers custom made machinery and sub-components for other mining applications, at ports, material handling applications and processing industries. Contact them for more information and find out the engineering services they can help you with. This post sponsored by aircraft ferry tanks .